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NNN Tenant Profile: DaVita Dialysis

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

DaVita Leased Building

DaVita is the leading provider of kidney care services in the US and is considered a Fortune 500 company. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado with over 2,300 outpatient dialysis centers throughout the US. Investors like DaVita's small price point and the fact that the dialysis industry is growing. DaVita typically signs 15 year leases which ensures that investors have long-term, predictable, and stable cash flow from a publicly traded company with a very low default rate. These types of investment properties are ideal for investors looking for passive investments, with little to no landlord responsibilities. DaVita's leases typically call for the landlord to be fully reimbursed for the property taxes, insurance, and common area maintenance to the property (although some leases may call for the landlord to be responsible for roof & structure, which is known as a "double net" or "NN" lease).

DaVita's Tenancy Profile:

Historical Stock Performance:

If you'd like to find out more about DaVita NNN leased investment properties (both on and off-market opportunities), send me an email at: or call me directly at (408)601-0049 to discuss your questions or needs.


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