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Deal Closing Announcement: HQ Relocation & Expansion

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

It was an absolute pleasure to have worked with VAVA (Sunvalley Group) on their HQ relocation and expansion in Fremont, CA. The property is a Class "A" Office/R&D facility owned and managed by Prologis.

I've worked with this company as their exclusive tenant rep broker on multiple transactions over the last seven years. I've seen them grow from a small startup to a successful established e-commerce & consumer electronics provider. They offer innovative products and are a well run organization. I am looking forward to seeing more greats out of this cutting-edge consumer electronics company!

Fun Fact: Out of sheer coincidence, the space that they ultimate chose was the same space that I had leased to another client of mine back in 2012. The interiors have since been renovated with new "market ready" improvements & finishes. Pretty cool to say that I leased the same space twice to two separate clients!


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